Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Backyard Entertainment Space

Backyard Entertaining Plans

Summer is just around the corner and we’re all thinking about backyard summer fun, BBQ’s and warm summer nights. Whether you’re throwing steaks on the grill, hosting a flag football game, or relaxing with friends by a cozy fire, a well-thought out backyard design can create a wonderful place for entertaining. Not only is it refreshing to get outdoors, but a backyard outdoor patio can also serve as an extension of your home. Here are five tips from Team Mazzolino to get you started with your backyard renovation plans.

  1. Consider How Many People 
    Are you designing a small, private space for your family to enjoy or are you planning large gatherings? Designing for five people or 50 people is a big difference in how you tackle a space and how much space you’ll need. Designing flexible spaces that serve a dual-purpose can be a good way to leave room for extra guests without looking empty without them.
    Also, be sure to consider the overall size of your backyard. Some people like the idea of designing out every square inch of their backyard while others enjoy the look of a fresh, green lawn.
  2. How Many Seasons Will You Be Using the Space
    Considering the seasons that you want to use your backyard is a huge factor when designing. Some people only enjoy the backyard when the yard is green, leaves are on the trees and there’s a warm breeze. But believe it or not, backyards can serve as extra entertaining space all year long. Adding a fire pit is a great way for a backyard to continue to be used through the winter. Hedge-like landscaping can help break a chilly north wind or including a covered back porch may also provide some additional shelter for entertaining in the winter months.
  3. What is Your Budget? 
    Perhaps budget should have been at the top of the list, because it’s likely one of the first things you think about when planning a project. Budgets for a well-designed backyard can range from a couple hundred dollars to many thousands, all depending on what you’re planning on doing. If your budget is tight for your dream backyard, consider scaling it down in size or swapping out a material. For instance, a large concrete or patio stones can very pricy. Consider using pea gravel, decomposed granite, or rubber mulch to carve out special spaces to hang out with friends and family.
  4. Small Spaces Can Be Awesome
    Even if you have a small backyard, there is still big potential to create a space that is inviting and perfect for entertaining. If you can’t build outwards, consider building upwards. Adding a wooden pergola or overhead shade structure can help to visually elongate your space and truly begins to blur the line between indoors and out.
  5. Think about the Maintenance
    When designing a backyard, considering maintenance can be the difference between a successful project and once that quickly dies away or looks disheveled. Maintenance could come in terms of labor, time, money, or a combination of all three. Some landscape may require additional pruning, shaping, or even seasonal replacement.

With a design plan, a little know-how, and some manual labor, your perfect backyard for entertaining may be more achievable than you think!

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